A Sad New Year

As a teacher, holidays are usually times to rest and prepare. However, occasionally, there are seasons when life events are too draining. Times when deep sadness is a reality. One year, as the sparkle and shouting associated with the festivities diminished, instead is entering the new year with hope, pain and sadness were my over riding feelings.

Cries of “Happy New Year” sounded hollow. Empty words without meaning.  Words with little connection to the reality I faced.

I started the New Year traumatised, broken-hearted and hopeless.

I faced the pain of ruptured relationships, the death of dreams and the loss of hope.

If you can relate to this type of darkness, don’t give up. No matter what you have lost —  there is still hope.

My turning point was connecting with a life coach. My coach skilfully opened up possibilities for me. She worked with me to see that I wasn’t trapped and could still make choices. She talked about the freedom I had to choose options regarding work, commitments and how I spent my time. She questioned me about what I enjoyed doing, what made me happy. After the first session, my heart was stirred and a glimmer of hope flashed for the first time in that dismal season.

Yes, I had a choice. I could choose new dreams, make new relationships and focus on all the things that I had and all the things I could do. I had the choice to stop dwelling on what I had lost and to focus on all that I still had. Encouraged, I chose a new path and began a new walk, a new adventure.

Please remember that help is available. A simple way to start is to share your experience with someone you trust. This is often the trigger to start recovery. Then, with their support, you can begin to look for any additional support you feel would be of benefit. So be encouraged – your year may have started sad, but it doesn’t have to end that way.

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