Connect: The NQTs Perspective

Connect is a series of interviews all about teachers. I love hearing about the reasons people chose to become teachers and what motivates them to keep going when challenges arise. No matter how long someone has been teaching, we can listen to someone’s story, learn from their experience and deepen our connection. Today’s interview is […]

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How To Find Extra Time

Running out of time? I know how you feel. About twenty years ago, I started analysing how I spent my time. I was a busy teacher working full-time and had the pervading opinion that there were not enough hours in a day. Feeling harassed and stretched, I started to record how I spent time – […]

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Easter Sunrise

Brilliant teachers need restorative holidays. Holidays that give them the time and space to unwind from the busyness of school; to replenish energy and to build up resources for the next term or academic year. One of my most wonderful holiday memory is watching this sunrise.  The risk taking adventurous me had taken a trip […]

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Children Need Brilliant Teachers

As a mentor and coach for newly qualified teachers, I have had the privilege of working with teachers as they begin their career. They can start off nervous and quiet or bursting with confidence and idealism. As they grow during their induction year, their innate creativity, talents and skills shine through. However, for some, the […]

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A Sad New Year

As a teacher, holidays are usually times to rest and prepare. However, occasionally, there are seasons when life events are too draining. Times when deep sadness is a reality. One year, as the sparkle and shouting associated with the festivities diminished, instead is entering the new year with hope, pain and sadness were my over […]

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