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Self-Care for Teachers

Symptoms of Poor Self-Care Teachers are givers –  freely expending time and energy to help others.  However, they often neglect giving themselves time to spend on their own wellbeing. There are many reasons why, but the results of this form of neglect are predictable. The  symptoms of poor self-care include: Having no energy and feeling […]

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Career Transitions for Teachers: From Education to Business

Change is challenging Career transitions are challenging and feeling confused is part of the process.  We may have left where we were but have yet to reach where we want to be.  In our old world we could rely on established skills and draw on our reserves of experience and established relationships. In the new […]

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A Sad New Year

As a teacher, holidays are usually times to rest and prepare. However, occasionally, there are seasons when life events are too draining. Times when deep sadness is a reality. One year, as the sparkle and shouting associated with the festivities diminished, instead is entering the new year with hope, pain and sadness were my over […]

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