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 I love helping teachers and leaders who are feeling overwhelmed regain control of their lives. By integrating my experience and expertise of teaching, leadership and coaching, I have developed a coaching programme to support people in their jobs and career transitions. You will gain clarity and confidence; overcome overwhelm and prevent burnout.

Who do I help? 

You’re a recently qualified teacher or young professional moving into leadership.
Or you’re leaving a job for a fresh start.
 Perhaps you lack confidence making a career comeback and feel out of step with the latest initiatives. 
Maybe, you’re outwardly confident, but now self-doubt and workload is affecting your passion for your job.

How can I help you? 
Liberate Evaluate Activate Flourish

I created the L.E.A.F. Method to empower teachers and leaders to flourish in every season of life.

Liberate your time, mindset and well-being
Evaluate your identity, values and vision and celebrate your unique personality and strengths.
Activate your authority (restore boundaries; reframe people pleasing; reset limiting beliefs).
Flourish as you set up systems, strategies and support networks that facilitate sustainable work-life harmony and increase certainty as you become a visionary change maker

If you're ready to create the outcomes you want, I’m here to support you. By taking action,
you're on the way to achieving the life you long for. So why wait and waste another moment?
 Feel free to contact me with any questions and to learn more about the coaching programmes.

You will receive:
 - A complimentary 30 minute strategy call
 - A self-improvement assessment
 - 6 weekly coaching sessions (45-60 minutes)
 - Specific action-orientated assignments
 - Weekly accountability prompts
 - Discounts on future purchases


One-to-One Personalised Coaching if you are contemplating a career change.

You choose how you wish to work with me.
- 3 Weekly coaching sessions will help you gain clarity and create a plan.
- 6 Weekly sessions will have additional sessions to boost your confidence and break negative beliefs.

I will support you to overcome self-doubt so that you can confidently transition into new roles or leadership responsibilities.

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 One-to-One Personalised Coaching 

What issues are you facing at work?
Are you having trouble dealing with the emotional impact of the job?
Or you are unsure about where to start  as you begin a new role. 
Perhaps you are having difficulties with colleagues and are feeling undervalued? 
Maybe you are unsure about to plan strategically?

These are a few of the challenges my clients have experienced. The good news is that they also overcame them as we worked together to find the perfect solution to each issue.

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This is best for emerging leaders who are taking on new roles and responsibilities.
You will receive
- 6 weekly online coaching on self-leadership and leading other people and/or  leading new initiatives.
- Specific action-orientated assignments
- Weekly accountability prompts
You will grow in confidence to have difficult conversations with team member; increase your ability to plan and lead strategically whilst maintaining or improving your well-being.

 Contact me today and let's see if we are a good fit to work together.

Leadership Development

Themes for Emerging  leaders include

• Self leadership, 
• Leading others 
• Leading people who don't want to be led

Ragini enabled me to feel more confident in my abilities through encouragement and praise. Along the way, she suggested many ideas and strategies to help me to improve my practice; however the most important thing that she taught me was about mindset. Through coaching and mentoring, she equipped me with the skills to believe that I had the ability to solve any problems that I encountered.

Themes for teachers returning to the profession include

• Developing self-confidence 
• Regaining motivation
• Setting goals

Listening to other teachers feeling confident and excited to be making changes to children’s lives whilst I usually felt overwhelmed and worn out I realised I needed to change my direction and approach to teaching. As a result I turned to Ragini for support and to recover my passion for teaching. Ragini began by providing various strategies and toolkits to develop my self esteem and remind me of my past successes. We then unpicked what my goals are professionally which allowed me to visualise new outcomes and strengthen my love of teaching again.

Themes for teachers leaving the professions include

• Assessing where you are now
• Setting dreams goals
• Creating a plan to achieve your vision

After all our sessions and the practical activities we discussed to help make changes  I feel like I am moving into a really positive phase….I now feel I am finding myself again and that my self belief and creativity are returning. I feel I can make plans and look ahead to new opportunities to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Sabrina Reilly, Headteacher

M.S., PrimaryTeacher

Patricia Direk, Recently Retired Teacher

I have had the pleasure of working with Ragini for many years and she has supported individuals, teams and organisations to reach their goals.
She is a very skilled coach and mentor and I have personally benefited from her positivity, her belief and her wisdom.

Anne Powell CEO, Griffin Schools Trust, UK

Ragini, thank you so much for your invaluable coaching support over the past few weeks. I have greater clarity and feel more confident that I am on right course with regards my business venture!

Catherine Hall, Life Coach / Nurse Advisor, UK

Ragini helped me in a phase of the creation of my own business, asking me concretely what do I want? What are the next steps? She won't accept vague answers! With her tenacity and precision, I was action-orientated and in each session, we defined my own positioning and wishes to actively start making change happen. Thank you Ragini!

Gloria Jensen, Professional Life Coach, France

I now feel I am finding myself again and that my self belief and creativity are returning. I feel I can make plans and look ahead to new opportunities to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. So THANKYOU!

Patricia Direk, Recently retired teacher, UK

Ragini is an incredibly empowering lady and has a real skill in unlocking strengths and talents within people - some that even they, may not know exist.

Sabrina Reilly, Headteacher, UK

Ragini was supportive and encouraging, challenging some of my preconceptions, limiting thoughts that weren't serving me and helped me see that things could be different.

Maya, Commercial Manager, UK

Ragini developed my understanding of the different ways children learn. She was patient and supportive of me at an early stage of my career. She encouraged me to identify gaps in my knowledge and enabled me to fill them. This helped me take my first steps onto the leadership ladder.

Nancy Simmonds, Primary Teacher, UK

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