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Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed as a new leader.
Maybe you lack confidence as you return to teaching after sickness or raising your children.
Or are you facing uncertainty as you finally decide to leave teaching?


Whatever the transition, questions keep bubbling up.

Have I made the right decision?
Am I good enough?
Will I have enough time to do everything?
Can I be a team leader?
Will I have to constantly spend my personal time on work?
Can I really start a new career? 


Hi, I’m Ragini Hildreth.

Having taught for over thirty years, I understand the stresses of careers changes; of adapting to new leadership roles and rejoining the workforce after career breaks.

I’m now on a mission to help teachers make systematic changes that empower them to thrive personally and professionally, without losing their passion for teaching children.

In my coaching programmes, I have identified steps that anyone can follow to develop the attitude needed to flourish. I work with you to find time you didn't think you had and to develop habits that support work-life harmony. You will become clear prioritising activities; you will be empowered to set boundaries; you will become confident saying no to unwanted demands on your time. 

Can you imagine yourself confidently stepping into your new role? 

If this is you, contact me and let’s see if we can work together to make simple changes that will enable you to build a flourishing career, without losing your authenticity and love of teaching.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Ragini for many years and she has supported individuals, teams and organisations to reach their goals.
She is a very skilled coach and mentor and I have personally benefited from her positivity, her belief and her wisdom.

Anne Powell CEO, Griffin Schools Trust, UK

Ragini, thank you so much for your invaluable coaching support over the past few weeks. I have greater clarity and feel more confident that I am on right course with regards my business venture!

Catherine Hall, Life Coach / Nurse Advisor, UK

Ragini helped me in a phase of the creation of my own business, asking me concretely what do I want? What are the next steps? She won't accept vague answers! With her tenacity and precision, I was action-orientated and in each session, we defined my own positioning and wishes to actively start making change happen. Thank you Ragini!

Gloria Jensen, Professional Life Coach, France

I now feel I am finding myself again and that my self belief and creativity are returning. I feel I can make plans and look ahead to new opportunities to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. So THANKYOU!

Patricia Direk, Recently retired teacher, UK

Ragini is an incredibly empowering lady and has a real skill in unlocking strengths and talents within people - some that even they, may not know exist.

Sabrina Reilly, Headteacher, UK

Ragini was supportive and encouraging, challenging some of my preconceptions, limiting thoughts that weren't serving me and helped me see that things could be different.

Maya, Commercial Manager, UK

Ragini developed my understanding of the different ways children learn. She was patient and supportive of me at an early stage of my career. She encouraged me to identify gaps in my knowledge and enabled me to fill them. This helped me take my first steps onto the leadership ladder.

Nancy Simmonds, Primary Teacher, UK

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