Career Transitions for Teachers: From Education to Business

Change is challenging

Career transitions are challenging and feeling confused is part of the process. 

We may have left where we were but have yet to reach where we want to be. 

In our old world we could rely on established skills and draw on our reserves of experience and established relationships.

In the new world, the unfamiliar terminology, practices and mindset creates a swirl of confusion.

The good news is that with each small step, the way becomes clearer as we pursue our goal.

Making the transition from education to the business world has been a huge learning curve.

 After 30 plus years of teaching, setting up an online coaching business has taken more 

resilience and perseverance than expected.

However, by focusing on why I made the move, confusion has been replaced with clarity.

Over the past year, the business has been refined and the focus is now clearly based on helping teachers to smash

negative self-beliefs and make systematic changes to achieve sustainable work-life harmony.

Through coaching, courses and community the goal is to empower teachers to flourish in every phase of their career.

Empowered through Coaching

There have been times in my career where I definitely did not feel as if I had any power or that I was even a capable professional.

Low points were 

  • when I felt like a hamster in a wheel
  • when I was physically exhausted 
  • when I was undermined and bullied at work.

Thankfully, each situation passed and is why I am motivated to shared my experience and expertise to empower teachers to grow in their understanding of their identity and to activate their authority. 

My difficulties happened because I did not set boundaries on my time and I shied away from having challenging conversations. 

Being empowered in these areas transformed my personal and professional relationships.

Teachers thrive at work and home when they have a firm understanding of their unique identity, areas of giftedness and have support networks.

With this foundation they can confidently exercise their authority to set personal boundaries, stop people pleasing and lead difficult conversations.

This is why I’m passionate about empowering others to experience their own transformation though coaching.

Empowered through Courses

A series of courses aimed at supporting newly qualified and recently qualified teachers is being developed.

These courses will be available through an online school that will be launched summer 2021.

Empowered through Community

Brilliant Teacher Network is in its infancy as an online community. The network is focused on sharing content and

services to support, encourage and celebrate teachers. There will be a three places to connect.

  1. A private FaceBook group.
  2. On Instagram @brilliantteachernetwork
  3. Brilliant Teacher News – fortnightly updates delivered to your inbox.

In essence, Brilliant Teacher Network aims to support teachers to overcome overwhelm and build a career that enriches education.

The Dream

Through coaching, courses and community, the dream is to see teachers

  • grow in confidence at work
  • create systems that stop time draining away
  • develop strategies that boost wellness
  • emerge as visionary leaders
  • inspire children by producing vibrant learning experiences.

This is why I persevered through the transition from education to the business world.

Interested in learning more? 

Connect on Instagram @brilliantteachernetwork and join the network.

Looking forward to sharing the next phase of this journey with you.

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