Easter Sunrise

Brilliant teachers need restorative holidays. Holidays that give them the time and space to unwind from the busyness of school; to replenish energy and to build up resources for the next term or academic year.

One of my most wonderful holiday memory is watching this sunrise. 

The risk taking adventurous me had taken a trip to Israel by myself. I should clarify – I wasn’t alone – I was part of an organised tour. A tour that allowed me to meet a diverse group of people; experience new cultures; eat sensational food and see incredible landscapes. 

Israel in September was incredibly hot, especially in the desert. It was actually over 100 F most days which made this sunrise all the more special.

We had spent the night in a Bedouin camp, sleeping in large tents. I was up and showered by 4:30am with a cup of coffee waiting expectantly for the first rays to appear. I was savouring this moment for several reasons. I love coffee but had been unable to drink anything hot because of the intense heat. And, at this time of day, it was cool! So here I was, feeling fresh and cool, drinking by beloved coffee as I waited to see my first ever sunrise. Looking around, I saw people waiting silently; camels and donkeys were to my right, behind me was the tented camp. All of which were both exotic and strangely familiar at the same time. Then suddenly, the first rays peeped over the hills. 

As the light and then heat intensified, it was both mystical and magical. 

A sight I will never forget. 

Thinking about Easter, this picture sprang to mind. Whether you believe in resurrection or not, this is a symbol of hope. No matter how dark life can be, each dawn offers a new beginning. 

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, have a happy Easter weekend.

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