Life After Teaching

Why I Started a Coaching Business

After a long teaching career, I should be retiring. Many colleagues have made this decision and are happily enjoying having extra time doing whatever takes their fancy.

So what has made me decide to not only retrain as a life coach but to also start a coaching business?

Well, I loved being a teacher and also specialised in mentoring newly qualified teachers and developing leaders. Over the years, my knowledge and use of coaching increased as I supported colleagues at the start of their careers. I loved helping them to blossom as teachers and leaders.

However, I became passionate about the value of coaching when difficulties in my personal life impacted my professional life. There were times when I didn’t know if I could continue teaching and seasons when I felt like a hamster trapped in a wheel. Starting to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future, I began to work with a coach.

The effect on my well-being was profound.

I learned new ways of thinking and I was empowered to make decisions that improved every aspect of my life.

So what makes coaching so powerful?

Basically, coaching is helping someone find their own solutions to problems. It works on the basis that the person with the problem also has the answer that they are unable to see in their present circumstance.

The coach listens to understand and to identify key issues. They ask targeted questions to raise awareness and to help their clients identify goals and potential obstacles to achieving their goal. The coach and client work together to plan manageable steps towards achieving their dream; remove barriers that hinder action and co-create strategies and solutions for a successful outcome.

Barriers can be ‘I don’t have the time or experience or talent or….”

You can fill in the blanks for reasons why we can’t do something.

Whatever the reason, coaches support their client to achieve their desires and create a mindset for future success.

Now, as I coach clients, it gives me great joy to hear what they say.

 After all our sessions and the practical activities we discussed to help make changes  I feel like I am moving into a really positive phase.

…the most important thing that she taught me was about mindset. Through coaching and mentoring, she equipped me with the skills to believe that I had the ability to solve any problems that I encountered.

Ragini worked with me when I was going through a tough time and was feeling overwhelmed. She listened carefully, made me feel at ease and helped me to set up great routines to ease my stress. These strategies really worked and will continue to help me reduce anxiety and stress.

Buoyed by these results, I’m energised to enter the next phase. Integrating my knowledge and expertise as an educator and coach I’m on a mission to empower teachers to flourish in every season of their career.

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