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Time Saving Tips for Teachers: Analyse Your Time

Too much to do and not enough time to do it? I get it! Working in schools can feel like you’re spinning plates as you run to deal with urgent situations before running back to keep up with planning, marking and meetings. As a teacher, striving to balance working full-time whilst meeting the needs of […]

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How to Become a Leader in Education: The Importance of Values.

Our values are a unique blueprint of who we are. They can’t be forced on us and we are not born with them. Values are not needs such as the need for food, security or love. Our values are our essential self – the core of who we are. Having clear values simplifies decision making […]

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Self-Care for Teachers

Symptoms of Poor Self-Care Teachers are givers –  freely expending time and energy to help others.  However, they often neglect giving themselves time to spend on their own wellbeing. There are many reasons why, but the results of this form of neglect are predictable. The  symptoms of poor self-care include: Having no energy and feeling […]

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Career Transitions for Teachers: From Education to Business

Change is challenging Career transitions are challenging and feeling confused is part of the process.  We may have left where we were but have yet to reach where we want to be.  In our old world we could rely on established skills and draw on our reserves of experience and established relationships. In the new […]

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The Headteacher’s Perspective

I love hearing about the reasons that led people to become teachers and what motivates them to keep going when challenges arise. No matter how long someone has been teaching, we can listen to their story and learn from their experiences. Now, the sad news is, this interview took place last year. But, 2020 proved […]

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