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Connect: The NQTs Perspective

Connect is a series of interviews all about teachers. I love hearing about the reasons people chose to become teachers and what motivates them to keep going when challenges arise. No matter how long someone has been teaching, we can listen to someone’s story, learn from their experience and deepen our connection. Today’s interview is […]

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Why I Celebrate Small Successes

Do you feel as if you’re not achieving anything? You’re working hard towards a goal but it seems as if you’re not getting anywhere? Developing a coaching business often has me feeling that way. But a surprise email reminded me why it is so important to stop and acknowledge even the smallest degree of progress. […]

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Easter Sunrise

Brilliant teachers need restorative holidays. Holidays that give them the time and space to unwind from the busyness of school; to replenish energy and to build up resources for the next term or academic year. One of my most wonderful holiday memory is watching this sunrise.  The risk taking adventurous me had taken a trip […]

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